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What is an Online Store?

A Online store is a page Web in which you can offer products or services which are usually shown through images or videos to a countless number of clients.

Each of these products are characterized by having a description that details their characteristics and Benefits with the aim of promoting the purchase by visitors of the page Web.

To generate income with the use of these pages, you must associate with a payment platform with which your customers the things you offer them can be done without any limitation.

How to earn MONEY with an Online Store?

Prior to create a Online store, we recommend that you study what you want to sell, this with the aim that you can generate more income. Look for a product that leaves a good margin of gain and that it is not very difficult to sell.

This is considered one of the keys that will allow your store on-line succeed.

But this is not all, we also invite you to get the most out of your social networks, something that undoubtedly will greatly influence the number of sales that you do during each month.

How to create an Online Store?

Yes you do not have development experience Web Do not worry! in IBOH COMPANY we will help you create the best Online store so that you start offering your products.

By this we mean to provide you with an accompaniment from the beginning, until you can begin to take advantage of your store. With the help of IBOH COMPANY you can choose a name and domain smart for you store.

To this we can also add a good customization of your products, in addition to adding as many payment methods as possible to offer your customers a higher percentage of comfort.

Characteristics of an Online Store

One of the main characteristics of online stores is that, being a Web page, means that they will remain open 24 hours a day.

This influences a greater reach, because your store it will be available to more customers, even those who are not in your region.

Compared to a store physics, the costs of a Online store are much smaller, this being something that also will benefit your capital since your expenses will be reduced considerably.

To this we must add that the interaction With clients it is easier, taking into account that you will not do it personally and thus you can take care of serving more people simultaneously.

What is the purpose of an Online Store?

The purpose of a Online store is sell products or services more quickly and comfortably. This is why you can also not forget to pay attention to the positioning of your Online store In Internet.

Have one of these shops will allow your cycles of sales faster, as buyers won't need to travel anywhere to buy from you.

Some shops physical allow you to offer a great variety of products that you do not even have the need to have in their entirety.

As it is not a store physical, the inventory of your merchandise can be managed even from your mobile, something that will generate great comfort.

Types of Online Store

There are several types of online stores depending on what your preferences are. There is online stores of catalogs, blogs with online stores, shops of Facebook or Marketplace.

Taking into account its great variety, we invite you to know each of the online stores that you have at your disposal so that you can choose one that adapts perfectly to your ideas and thus you can start monetize your project.

Some of these types of shops they are very popular, while there are others that are not so, although we must also highlight that coincide in a single purpose that is to generate more sales.

The most visited Online Stores in the world

Between the different online stores most visited that exist in the world, we must necessarily mention Alibaba, a store e-commerce China that just started its operations in 1999 and that until now the only thing that has been dedicated to doing is cultivating success.

Who does not know Amazon? Indispensable on this list. Beside Alibaba Are the shops of online sale most powerful in the world and therefore the most visited.

In this list we cannot forget eBay, a page auction of products that you do not stop counting on every time more users. This is due to the credibility of this store and to success of each purchase transaction carried out in this page Web.

When is an Online Store profitable?

For a Online store can become profitable, you should try to maximize all income. This is why you should do everything possible to increase the number of your visits.

The more users connect to your store, there are more Profits that you are going to receive.

Therefore, in IBOH COMPANY we will help you create a store on-line comfortable and with a visually acceptable structure in which any consumer feels safe to make their purchase.

The attraction of visits It is only the first step for you to start monetize. Lean on our professionals and get the best I take advantage of all the alternatives that we will put at your disposal.

How much does it cost to create an Online Store?

It depends on the type of Online store what you want. In IBOH COMPANY We will help you in everything you need to start create a Online store that suits your needs, until you can start receive income through it.

The price of create a Online store is totally affordable, an investment that includes the choice of domain, hosting, web page design, the design of images and other content and in the rest of the characteristics that influence a good customer experience.

What to do to create an Online Store?

He electronic commerce It is here to stay and you have to do everything you can to profit from it. If you are not in Internet, does not exist, so it is time to take the initiative to create a Online store so you can see how your earnings multiply.

To sell on the internet it's a lot easier to sell in a store physical and more and more people are benefiting from this.

Take advantage of this opportunity and become another great internet marketer. We assure you that you will not regret it, especially since the you will see benefits in the short term.



320 Installment Payment (€ 120 / month)
  • Basic Template
  • Contact Forms
  • Categories (5-10)
  • Redirection to RRSS
  • Many languages
  • External Ads


800 Installment Payment (€ 280 / month)
  • Professional Template
  • Contact Forms
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Redirection to RRSS
  • Many languages
  • External Ads


550 Installment Payment (€ 190 / month)
  • Professional Template
  • Contact Forms
  • Categories (15-20)
  • Redirection to RRSS
  • Many languages
  • External Ads