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What is an Affiliate Store?

With the passing of time, more and more business who take the initiative to migrate to the internet and the tendency to future is that this number of shops is followed multiplying for the excellent results that are able to offer the affiliate stores.

This is considered as one of the ideas of most profitable online business that exist today and with which you can live off the internet.

In a affiliate store, users will buy third-party products on your website, which means that you will not need a large inventory or physical space to start generate money.

How to make money with an Affiliate Store?

Depending on what your goals are, there are different ways to earn money with a affiliate store.

This is because with one of these shops, you can make profit easily, as is the case with create an invoice or promoting a large number of sales for providers.

One of the most profitable ways to start produce money, it is with the commissions offered by the providers for each sale that you do through your website.

The leads are also very valuable, since if someone were to register or register in the account of one of the providers, this will generate a percentage of moneyregardless of whether the prospect becomes client or not.

How to create an Affiliate Store?

If you compare the creation of a affiliate store with a physical store, the difference in terms of the initial investment is evident at a glance.

Our professionals will help you choose a niche feasible in which you must take into account the products that can be sell more easily and that generate more commissions.

Next you must choose a domain, and then work on the affiliation registration for users who are interest in on your products.

In IBOH COMPANY we will help you in create an interesting catalog so that they offer a variety of alternatives and we will spread your page on all Social Networks.

Characteristics of an Affiliate Store

First of all, we must highlight that are more affordable compared to the investment that has to be made to create a physical store.

Customer service will not be part of your responsibility, as this will be handled by the merchants affiliates with whom you associate.

If there is one thing that stands out for affiliate stores, is for their prices. Once enter to these platforms, you will notice the excellent variety of prices that you can find.

This will allow you to have more ease at the time of turn visitors into real customers.

Purpose of an Affiliate Store

The main function of a affiliate store, is to attract the greatest amount of Potential customers to you Web page so that not only you generate profit to you, but also to Business that are part of your allies.

This network of affiliates It will also help you to spread your brand with the aim of being able increase reach what do you have affiliate store to other prospects who may not yet know your ecommerce store.

At first glance we can see how everyone win. Your allies will sell more products through your storewhile you you monetize this website for all interactions that you receive.

Types of Affiliate Store


Independent affiliate store

In this kind of shops, the affiliates they have no presence, no authority in the niche in which your products are published. This means that there is no connection between the store and the final consumer.


Related Affiliate Store

It offers a kind of presence in line, being able to be a podcast, videos or through the social networks. They are characterized by having links of affiliates to products that only relate to the niche in which they perform.


Affiliate store involved

It is the recommendation exercise exercised by the affiliate store, after having used one of your suppliers' products. This gives them greater security to consumers at the time of to buy.

The World's Most Visited Affiliate Stores

If you want to know what the shops of affiliates most visited in the world, we must introduce you to The HomeDepot, eBay, Zappos or Amazon. Are shops that have become a reference for all those interested is create a affiliate store.

These are not only considered as the most visited, but also like the ones more income generate, something that becomes evident after being clear that both things are directly related.

Annually they are able to generate millions of click, something that in economic terms translates into more than 200 million transactions commercial throughout the world. All this thanks to the good use of affiliate stores.


When is an Affiliate Store profitable?

More and more people are interested in the affiliate stores for generate more income, but how to know when you are shops are profitable.

He niche that you choose is always going to be very important, since you must choose one that always remains activeRemember that the products are from other suppliers, so it will be a lot easier to sell.

Taking into account that you don't have much to to invest, most of your sales will only represent profit for your company, something to which we have to add the saving in productivity and personnel expenses, among others.

How much does it cost to create an Affiliate Store?

It is normal that due to lack of information, you think that to invest in a affiliate store, you must spend all your savings.

Do not worry about this! IBOH COMPANY is here to accompany you throughout the process of creating your affiliate store without you having to spend a lot of money.

We are considered as the company of marketing of affiliates with best value for money on the market, so you we will help from the beginning with everything that has to do with the creation of your Web page to very affordable prices.

Our intention is to help you generate a space with which you feel comfortable and allows you generate excellent income in the medium term.

What to do to create an Affiliate Store?

He online business They have become a great alternative that you cannot stop taking advantage of. This type of shops do not assume practically no expense, which means that you will not be exposed to no risk of loss.

The purchasing processes are simple, In addition, customer service does not depend exclusively on you. Just worry about receiving your commission in the right way and enjoy all the Benefits that the affiliate stores they can give you.

In IBOH COMPANY We will comply with supporting you at all times to be part of one of the people who benefit this excellent economic alternative.



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